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Add a mix knob to splitter, instead of the seperate Wet / Dry Levels please. Thanks!

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asked Feb 7 in Look and Feel by lukasschmidtke (250 points)
It would be much easier, to blend the wet and dry signal with a mix knob, rather than to set the two levels individually. It would eliminate the need to level match the sum of the splitted signal to the original one. Perhaps make it optional to choose between setting the levels of wet / dry individually, AND a mix knob. Thanks!

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answered Mar 29 by AlexTinsley (569,430 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Apr 24 by wonder6oy (1,450 points)
edited Apr 24 by wonder6oy
I'm echoing this FR request as well, but with a slightly different take.

Here's the link...