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Crossover Filters On Mixer Outputs implemented in future updates for current and/or future mixers would be awesome!

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asked Feb 8 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by christopherreyes (390 points)
In situations where amplifiers for passive speakers don't have on-board filtering or when customized bi-amplification is desired using amps without built-in dsp processing, or when the FOH engineer would like greater control over the interaction between active subs and tops or other elements from the board instead having to go the back of the speakers and turn rotary knobs just to be limited in terms of filtering frequencies and slopes, it would be awesome to have crossover filter options on outputs for Studiolive AI, Series III mixers, and/or future hardware (ex: Butterworth, Bessel , Linkwitz-Riley) with slopes ranging from 12 dB/octave to 48 dB/octave, possibly with the option to view a graphical presentation of such filters on UC Surface, especially on main and mono mix buses. This combined with the on board delay provided on mix outputs on the series III console would effectively eliminate the need for speaker management systems or active crossovers in these situations and would make the consoles all the more appealing.

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