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Improved Autofades Functionality

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asked Mar 6 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by connorholcombe (1,220 points)
The Autofades option (which behaves like the 'fill gaps' functionality in other DAWs) should be a stand alone function, meaning it should not only be able to be used in conjunction with 'slice' or 'quantize' in the audiobend panel. This would make Studio One's 'Beat Detective' style drum editing much better, as you would then be able to go one step at a time rather than doing the whole drum edit in one click which often leads to errors. The process could then become:

1. Detect Transients
2. Set group/ guides
3. Slice at the bend markers
4. Quantize on track for selected region (which would allow you to go piece by piece, changing the grid if there is a triplet fill or 1/16 note fill when the majority of the track would be best processed with an 1/8 note grid)
5. Autofades or 'fill gaps'

Because this is not a separate action now you have to set 1 grid for the whole song which causes the issues mentioned in step 4 above. This would be a very small step that would save loads of time in Studio One's drum editing functionality.

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