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Allow to open macro-controls via mackie controler (or keyboard shortcut)

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asked Mar 6 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by idoncare (150 points)
Right now I have to use the mouse to open the macro-controls so that I can use my mackie controler to twist the knobs. This is very tedious. I'd like to open the macro-controls of a selected track either by using a function key on my mackie controler or by hitting a shortcut on the keyboard. Right now you can only open the channel editor via function keys. This does not help me as I always have to use the mouse to activate the macro-control panel (and thus the macro controls)

There has been a similar request before but the answer is NOT a solution to the problem.

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answered Mar 7 by niles (42,450 points)

Yes, a command to go directly to the Macro Controls would be sweet. Since Show Channel Editor goes to inserts (when available), a second command to go directly to Routing, would finish it.