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Studio One 192 Mobile "Unresponsive" on my PC after "forced" firmware upgrade!!!!

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asked Mar 7 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by coxbeats08 (140 points)

March 7th last night I was about to start a recording session. I opened up the UC Control Software to start my session and I was forced to upgrade my firmware after having the latest UC Control driver. Immediately during the firmware upgrade/download/install. My interface will not recognize on either of my laptops. (keep in mind I have the latest drivers for my hardware). This is an absolutely disappointment. I never had any problems and now my hardware is "unresponsive" according to the Windows error message. I need this fix ASAP!!

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answered Mar 11 by prock (460 points)

I'm no expert about this but, if this happened to me I would try reinstalling the firmware by going to the UC control panel "settings>update firmware" and choose "update anyway".  Good luck.  wink

Regards  cool