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Quickly add tags or stars to regions, and being able to rename the audio files adding the tags

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asked Mar 9 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by pellefridell (1,860 points)


I have been experimenting with a workflow colorcoding takes according how good they are. Unfortunately I tend to mess up the colours (when moving they change color) and adding text to the region instead, but it takes extra time and not really streamlined. 

It would be great with an possibility to quickly add tags or stars/ character to regions. I'm thinking of a similar workflow renaming/ tagging/ renaming files many photo programs have (Aperture, Lightroom and now Ableton Live)

Could also be great use to be able to apply tags to several selected regions, and then the possibility to rename all files adding the tag to the filename. 

That could also be a date or initials, very useful when collaborating with others



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