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When will the CS18AI ever talk to any other DAW other than Studio One?

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asked Mar 20 in StudioLive CS18Ai by OzAmaro (1,000 points)
It's been almost 3 years now and the CS18AI is still not able to take midi commands from any other DAW in order to be used like a Faderport. It was a promise that seems to be very broken folks. This is your credibility Presonus. Many of us banked on your initial promise of a great surface that could at least interact as well as the Fader Port does already. Still nothing. Make no mistake...people do NOT forget.

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answered Apr 2 by scotttroyer (400 points)


I really hope it gets implemented before development ceases on the CS18AI (which seems to have already occurred.)frown

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answered Apr 15 by nostrillaflamme (210 points)
Yes, promises that are not fulfilled remind me of A***. Waited for a firmware update - nil, ****** all, not a sausage, nada.

Gosh it would be good to find a DAW company that delivers on its promises.
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answered Apr 25 by OzAmaro (1,000 points)

I bought 3 RM32's and 2 CS18AI's when they came out. Presonus promised the world when they cam out......I even asked this question of Ray at the NAMM show and he pretty much said there's no real priority for it now.

Hey think if you think it won't leave a mark on your're dollars mistaken, you can eat those new 32s and the stagebox with it. I'll probably go back to Soundcraft with my next rig. The Q32 with the stage boxes were nice. The Pre's were great too because.....hell man who would not want to spend 1200.00 on a 16ch CS18Ai brick that can only talk to Studio One and God....LOL....