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Can you assign Scene + and Scene - to a Fatchannel Button/Knob on SL III 16?

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asked Apr 19 in StudioLive Series III by bradleykarnes (190 points)
edited Apr 19 by bradleykarnes

I am about to purchase a SL III 16 for a marching band setup.  Since it does not have User Assignable Buttons on it, is there a way to easily advance scenes by assigning Scene + and Scene - to some buttons on the Fat Channel Section? Or any other buttons on the mixer for that matter. I'm sure that there will be some buttons on the mixer that I will never use, I would like to be able to assign scene +/- to two of them.   I am worried that quick scene changing will be tough if I have to navigate to the Scenes menu.

As much as I would love to get a larger format mixer that has User Assignable buttons, it is not possible due to space restrictions.

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