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Feature Request for Tempo Automation to function the same as Track Automations

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asked Dec 2, 2015 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by Evdog (560 points)
retagged Dec 3, 2015 by Evdog
Automation tracks function with points and lines between them. Tempo automation, however, cannot be ramped gradually, but instead functions in awkward blocks. Please make the tempo automation function the same way that all other automation in Studio One does.
commented Dec 14, 2015 by Zirrex (8,870 points) 2 flags
In some cases the blocks are very comfortable.
No need to change.
Need to add a new type of display that value: blocks or curve with the dots.
commented Dec 16, 2015 by jpettit (10,520 points) 2 flags
With the ability to draw 1/64th steps with alt+ drag I think you would be hard pressed to hear a difference.
DAWs that let you draw a freehand line are really picking an internal rate to step write the tempo map data.  
A freehand line does add user friendliness to the process off creating you own rate of change.

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answered Jan 17, 2016 by Funkybot (16,530 points)
selected May 21, 2016 by Evdog
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Just to add...if we get the ability to have the tempo track function like automation, we'll also need the ability to vertically zoom in on the tempo track in order to make small changes. Without vertical zoom, minor changes would be near impossible.

Here's a link to a detailed forum post in the Meldoyne thread where I detail what I feel are the current weaknesses in S1's tempo track:

End conclusion in all this, there's 3 things that would really expand the tempo track functionality and workflow (from jpettit in that thread):

1) Data Zoom so you can zoom to see minor tempo changes (Like the peaks and valleys shown).
2) Change from bar to line to represent the tempo. With this new process the tempo map look excessively busy.
3) Free form line draw to simulate tempo mapping if you will.

commented Dec 15, 2016 by jpettit (10,520 points)
I would add one more.

4) Right mouse click import/export tempo track data.
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answered Apr 25, 2017 by petersalt (840 points)
Frankly, I'm shocked that this feature isn't in Studio One. It's about as standard as it gets. To draw and smooth ritard (or accelerando) right now takes an unbelievable amount of time. It takes me 1 second in Pro Tools or Logic. A serious omission that needs to be fixed ASAP.
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answered Jun 10, 2016 by bailatosco (2,680 points)
Come on Presonus people!!! Are we ever going to have this?
Even making the pencil tool on the tempo track able to snap to blocks would be a HUUUUUUUGE improvement.
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answered Jun 28, 2017 by jdurham (1,410 points)
edited Jun 28, 2017 by jdurham
Just to add on to this -- not only do we need much better tempo track management (so I fully support this feature request), but we need it to be more *precise* as well. For example, people who do film scoring or sound design often need to start a measure on a certain frame of the film clip, and/or they need to align measures to several "hits" in the music cue, which means we need to be able to do super-accurate tempo tweaks so we can line things up to the start of a measure. Currently, Studio One is very difficult to line things up for film people, because the UI of the tempo track is not very user-friendly, but also because it is not very accurate. Additionally, Studio One only seems to support two decimal places for the tempo, which makes it hard to perfect align a measure to a specific frame.
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answered Dec 30, 2015 by Funkybot (16,530 points)
In response to jpettit, that may work for gradual increases, but sometimes I want gradual increases/decreases, wavy tempo's, etc. If tempo drawing worked like track automation I could have my tempo look like a sine wave if I wanted to. In a more practical scenario: in my old DAW I'd draw in subtle tempo variations using the "Pencil" tool in freehand mode. Would love this functionality in S1. If you do weird stuff with tempos, you'll know S1 is very cumbersome compared to other DAWs.
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answered May 20, 2016 by vahevahe (620 points)
I've been asking for this feature for the last two years! This is one of the two complaints I have for S1

 1.Tempo automations

2. better cpu performance.
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answered Dec 3, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,040 points)
Thanks for the request. Good Luck
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answered Jul 31, 2017 by wltchris (700 points)
Studio One's current tempo track functionality is ridiculously cumbersome - to put it kindly! Trying to get a smooth and usable tempo ramp is a PITA!
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answered Jul 10, 2017 by vahevahe (620 points)
Please please add this feature. I hate the blocks. I want to add curves to my tempo and the blocks are a pain if you mess up you have to constantly undo. This is the only complaint I have about S1. I am so happy with all other features.
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answered Dec 12, 2017 by simonroberts5 (270 points)
The VERY first track I tried to import in the 30 day demo has a smoothly descending tempo in another DAW.

Took me a while to figure out your DAW could not do it?

Am I missing something, this seems fundamental?   Steinberg pro24... Just saying.

Not a great start.

Would love to see this and the points raised above.
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answered Jul 6, 2017 by tristanbrinkman (330 points)
Bump. This is a feature we desperately need. It's a function that is very useful and is in many other DAWs like Cubase, Logic, Reason, and FL Studio.

I up-voted it and saved this to my favorites to monitor this thread.
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answered Feb 1 by oraziotesta (410 points)
I'm testing Studio One (30 Days trial) and I was considering buying it: the music editor is smooth as butter, the mixer doesn't feel that different from Reaper's (I own a Reaper license) and it works with Notion. But the way the tempo track works is pure madness, probably I'm going to wait some more time before jumping on SO's ship because of the tempo track. On Reaper the MIDI editor isn't that great, but I can edit tempo there without stress just like automations