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Open new VST/Insert editor on Modifier+click (Auto Keep Editor Open)

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asked Feb 19, 2016 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by niles (39,300 points)
retagged Oct 16, 2017 by niles

Currently you can open several VST editor windows side by side by enabling Keep Editor Open for VST X and open VST Y through the console. That's great!

However I would like to suggest a second option to open VST editor windows side by side, by opening a VST editor from the console while holding a modifier key (CTRL, ALT etc.).

So when I have VST X open and click VST Y in the console or on the tab in the VST editor window, while holding e.g. CTRL, VST Y will be opened in a new window, not affecting any other open windows (regardless the Keep Editor Open state of other windows).

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answered Feb 21, 2016 by patricemazmanian (3,340 points)
+1 It would be a great saving of time