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"Hide Disabled Tracks" Option

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asked Aug 26, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by kirin (340 points)
edited Aug 28, 2016 by kirin
Hello! Thanks to Presonus team and S1 3.3 release, finally I have an ability to make large scoring templates. But when it comes to mixing, it gets a bit uncomfortable, because not all the tracks(almost 400) are activated and used in the arrangement, but they are still  in the arrangement window and mixer and it takes long time to hide them manually. That's why "Hide Disabled Tracks" would be very useful feature for users, who use such a large template as I do.

If disabled tracks don't lose routing after enabling, that would be also great, but I'm sure you'll fix that soon ;)

Many thanks to all Presonus's team members! You're doing great!

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answered Aug 26, 2016 by sambosun (6,950 points)
I suggest create a macro of disable track and hide for now.

If you select your 400 tracks and apply that macro the selected tracks will disable and hide.
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answered Aug 27, 2016 by kirin (340 points)
The problem is I don't need to hide all 400 tracks, but only those which are disabled, because I still need those 40-60 track which are enabled in the mixer and the arrangement window. For now I can only manually select disabled tracks and hide them.

But anyway thank you for the reply and interest to this topic.