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5.1 / 7.1 Surround Mix in Studio One 3

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asked Nov 1, 2016 in Mixing by cesarmontegrifo (260 points)

When you guys will implement surround 5.1 and 7.1 in Studio One 3? Please do it fast :)

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answered Nov 1, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,170 points)
selected Nov 20, 2016 by ghasenbeck
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, then please vote it up, or down. 

To vote:

In agreement click on the little blue triangle pointing up.

In disagreement click on the little blue triangle pointing down.

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

You are allowed one vote. 

Just viewing and agreeing but not clicking on the vote does not help the issue. 

Please click on one or the other. 

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answered May 30, 2017 by alicepisu (400 points)
Please add this PreSonus, we need it so much!
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answered Jul 24, 2017 by dwaynevalentine (3,630 points)
Please Please Please add!
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answered Aug 17, 2017 by josephdbae (2,060 points)
yes this is a much needed feature for soundtrack composers for games, movies, and etc.
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answered Nov 25, 2017 by davidlindvall1 (530 points)
I need this! I'm really starting to like Studio One, but there are some features that you guys really should implement, like more timestretching algorithms for example. I hate to switch between DAWs to achieve certain things.
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answered Dec 7, 2017 by joonhoahn (600 points)
We really need surround sound features for Studio One, especially surround sound panning. While surround sound was never used in music before, I know for a fact there is no written rule saying that we can't write music in surround sound, so I plan to actually break that ground and start writing pieces that take full advantage of the surround sound feature.
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answered Apr 8, 2018 by jghoward (330 points)
Totally agree. I want to use Studio One for every project, but I have to go to another DAW for all the film/documentary work I get.  Would also like a more robust video sync feature to go along with this addition.

The S1 architecture and ease of use makes it an easy candidate for the new industry standard, and I think the product roadmap should address these kinds of glaring holes to make it reality.
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answered Apr 14, 2018 by christopherpittman (240 points)
Yes, please. Geaux Tigers!
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answered Apr 28, 2018 by jschmitt (240 points)
Yes, please add!!!  I use Waves Surround tools to pan, but also need to output AC3 and be able to monitor it!
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answered May 10, 2018 by jonathanmeraz (290 points)
Reasons to add it:

Audacity can generate a 5.1 AC3. AUDACITY!

Logic Pro can do it.

Reaper can do it.

People do film scoring.

It’s not just for film scoring. Our church creates a 5.1 AC3 with click and stems. We load the file in ProPresenter, then make a timeline synced to the audio. This allows us to have ProPresenter automatically advance the lyric slides at the right time for the whole song set. Audio goes to an interface, each of the 5.1 channels is assigned an output that is patched to our mixer and...voila, we get stems, click, AND automatic slide advancement.

Would be nice to do our 5.1 AC3 creation in the same DAW where we create our stems.

Thanks for listening. We appreciate you guys.
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answered May 24, 2018 by diapasonprodues (2,130 points)
Please! When I need to do 5.1 I have to render stems of the original Studio One session and import them on Reaper. =( I love reaper too but I switched to Studio One for several reasons and wish I could do all in one DAW.
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answered May 25, 2018 by iuliancumpana (260 points)
Yes please! This DAW needs surround capabilities ASAP!
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answered Jun 19, 2018 by LaurynasG (810 points)
I'm patiently waiting for this. :)
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answered Jul 26, 2018 by pauldiem (1,780 points)
I'd like to see this implemented as a Fat Channel plug in for the StudioLive III. We 5.0 into stereo for live streaming. It'd be nice to be able to do this right in the StudioLive console rather than having to use the only USB interface to send it to/from a computer to do it. Since there's only one AES output on the console, in order to do it on an external Dolby Encoder, we'd have to use the analog outputs, convert to digital for input to the encoder then convert the digital encoder output to analog to get it back into the console.
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answered Oct 2, 2018 by saniashedevr1 (1,050 points)
PS it's almost two years as that post has been written.

It doesn't mean that customers don't need it means that you ignore us and a lot of potential users don't know about that site...they just don't want to buy your product for TV and Movies because of your limitations. In spite of doing great product your politics look narrow

- wwise support

- surround sound

- RX Connect

- at least 2 videos in one project

that minimum what you must be realized

------------ Logic pro that cost 200$ has it

What are you waiting for??? for dark ages for your company?????
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answered Oct 30, 2018 by michaelbeen (190 points)
Just ordered the new Studio One 4 Pro edition, and was honestly expecting to be able to do surround production/mixing, but to my big surprise that is not an option? Is there anything in the cards, wether or not this will be added anytime soon?
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answered Oct 30, 2018 by parasharamusic (150 points)
I was working on Logic before switching to Studio One and I actually started liking it. It provides a really simple yet powerful workspace. But having said that, it isn't even close to Logic or other DAWs in the race of latest features these people are providing. And your recent version of Studio One had no such great updates. You Guys are just ignoring what people need or we can say, expect from you guys and that's gonna be a really bad move.
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answered Nov 13, 2018 by lincolnmitchell (1,410 points)
Three years later...
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answered Jan 13 by kenpaolino (160 points)
I need Surround Mixing.  PLEASE!
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answered Jan 29 by chrisschutte1 (740 points)
This would be fantastic! Please implement this feature if possible!