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[IMPLEMENTED v5.0] No Overlap Edit Mode for copy/paste/duplicate/cut/delete

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asked Dec 2, 2016 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by sambosun (7,130 points) 1 flag
recategorized Jul 8 by sambosun

FR Studio One - No Overlap

One feature out of many for the picture and sound editors using pro tools everyday is the "no overlap" edit behavior. Which allows to copy/paste/duplicate/cut time on a track range level rather than all tracks only. 
I know there are workarounds but something that is part of the standard as an option would be nice.
Not only that, in this little example you can see how no overlap works in combination with a Range (Edit) Selection.

Pro tools range edit no overlap

In this use case for the user it is important that the Range (Edit) Selection stays intact when repeating these duplicate steps. But it should apply for copy/paste/duplicate/cut/delete

In Pro Tools a Range (Edit) Selection including gaps behaves similar to an Event (Clip).

Say you want to copy/paste/duplicate a range. The action should keep the range intact and place all events in that range including gaps and delete everything underneath. 

If you do a lot of small edits the arrange area can get really crowded as studio one still has no native option to automatically delete overlaps when events overlap each other. I suggest to add these 2 options to the Edit preferences: (and as toggle key commands)

Mockup edit behavior preferences

Mockup editing preferences

For easy access during editing and to check if these options are enabled/disabled it makes sense to put these options into the Arrange Views wrench menu as well. (And/or place icons directly below the smart tool selector?)

Mockup editing preferences wrench menu

Mockup editing preferences wrench menu

A fun fact: nearly all operations in studio one remove the range selection during editing only "Delete time" keeps the range selection intact. 

I would like to have the ability to choose when or if the range selection disappears after an edit. 

If enabled it should work for drag and drop as well as copy/paste/duplicate/cut/delete keyboard shortcuts!

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answered Dec 2, 2016 by mafrophelan (350 points)
I support this 100%. S1 needs this to truly replace Pro Tools and other DAWs.
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answered Dec 8, 2016 by Gammon2004 (760 points)
This specific missing feature is the reason I cannot convince several people I work with to fully switch over to S1 from Pro Tools.  It would be amazing to have this implemented.
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answered Jan 4, 2017 by rickycooke (4,760 points)
Please implement this. I've been talking about this same issue for a while now. It's very annoying having to trim events before pasting on top of them, especially when coming from another DAW. This is one of the things that definitely prevents me from leaving Pro Tools.
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answered Jan 14, 2017 by billygillies1 (350 points)
This needs to happen its the one thing that stops me from using studio one fully
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answered Mar 22, 2017 by alejandrolandetta (820 points)
This really need to be done!! I was a 10 year PT user and recently switched to S1. I really think it surpasses PT in many things but editing, this can really be handy.
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answered Jul 11, 2017 by thegodcomplex (780 points)
Yes please! I'm ready to be free from ProTools!
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answered Jul 28, 2017 by matthewverzola (1,670 points)
Gads this would be helpful. Ableton and Protools operate this way, as do video editing programs! It's a much faster workflow this way. Please enable this option!!
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answered Nov 7, 2017 by maximilliankeene (1,460 points)
Yes!  Also, please make it so selecting an area to duplicate maintains the location of the event in the selected area.  For example, if I have a sample on the "and" of beat 2 and select the whole measure to duplicate I would like the sample to be on the "and" of beat 2 (the same location within the measure) when duplicated.  As it is now, the sample goes to the start of the next measure.  Basically, the selector tool should work the same as it does in Logic and Cubase.  It's such a disability and makes no sense to me.  Definitely one of my biggest problems with Studio-One.
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answered Aug 18, 2018 by nicolastalvikoski (950 points)
An option to allow audio and midi events to no overlap will be great for editing. Actually I'm using the trim behind macro each time I don't want 2 audio/ midi events to overlap but I find that annoying compared to others DAW.

Also when you trim behind a midi event, it would be nice to still have access to the original midi file if you want to shorten or extend the midi event.

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answered Sep 19, 2018 by edwardjohnston (1,470 points)
So will this idea be implemented in the next update? I was so hoping for it in 4.1...
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answered Nov 8, 2018 by ivoetti (1,210 points)
It is so annoying that studio one still doesn't have no overlap mode. This is the only reason I still keep Pro Tools in my computer - to edit large audio projects.
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answered Feb 15, 2019 by yvessg (2,660 points)
It drives me nuts to have to trim the overlapped audio all the time...The PT macro works only with Ctrl+v, not when you drag regions. This option would save me so much time !
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answered Mar 7, 2019 by sambosun (7,130 points)

Ripple editing is not the answer!

If ripple editing is enabled it will move all parts later in time. What I’m talking about in my FR is the ability for the range selection to interpret empty space as event or time. 

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answered Apr 21, 2019 by Outloaf (860 points)
I find it concerning that this isn't near the top of the list for feature requests... It's my one major gripe with StudioOne.
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answered Jul 4, 2019 by alanbranch (470 points)
Wow I only just found out S1 doesn't have a no overlap edit mode like Pro Tools or Logic, thats bizarre, I get it allows overlaps of or on but most of the time I would not want to see overlaps in my project. This has to be one f the main priorities for me to switch from Logic & Pro Tools.
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answered Jul 17, 2019 by tomasmccann (940 points)
Dude I can't believe Studio One doesn't allow automatic event replacement

I mean what if you have two adjacent clips and you edit one and want to duplicate the edited clip over the old one next to it?

It make no sense, this is one of the most common editing operations ever and it's bottlenecked because of the overlap thing

Please implement this, it's a deal breaker as of now.

Or at least make it intuitive to manage the overlapping clips, cos that in itself is also a mess.

Thank you.
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answered Sep 9, 2019 by mgpmusic (620 points)
This should be the top new feature to implement. I probably could have convinced 10 other producers to switch to S1 by now if it weren't for this (no joke). Everyone loves all the innovative features, but ultimately is dumbfounded trying to execute the most basic audio editing.
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answered Sep 10, 2019 by romaindescampe (1,050 points)
I support this as well!!

Much needed, it’s deal breaker for me

Please Presonus, make it happen
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answered Oct 12, 2019 by nige108 (450 points)
Please Please implement this!

Its driving me insane!  This really is one thing I miss from Pro Tools. You would steel so many Avid fans if you make this an option
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answered Dec 4, 2019 by hobotech (1,530 points)
So baffled that this is still a problem. Seems like such a common need. I switched back to Logic, never bought the v4 upgrade and figured I'd let myself forget about it and check back in a good long while.

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answered Dec 10, 2019 by joachimsvare (1,440 points)
This feature is a must. Just downloaded 4.6 and it has still not been implemented. Really disappointing!
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answered Dec 13, 2019 by richyrojas (430 points)
I just bought SO and very amazed by all the wonderful features. Unfortunately I will have to go back to Pro Tools until Presonus implement all of the basic and necessary function that every DAW should have.  This function is imperative and can not work without it. Also when punching in midi tracks in the middle of a measure is creating a new event through out the whole measure eliminating midi notes that were there.   I have so many producers friends that I recommended this software but they all agreed to wait until is further developed with all the right basic function working. Many of them asked me how is the rendering and freezing tracks, but is also missing the necessary options like prefader rendering and freezing. With these modification I would consider OS the number ONE DAW in the market. Until then I would wait.
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answered Dec 18, 2019 by justinbaron1 (410 points)
I still can't believe they haven't added this function yet. This was a crucial setting for me in Logic...a simple 1-step audio drag/no overlap replace in Logic is now a 3-4 step process in Studio One. How have they not addressed this yet?
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answered Feb 13 by alexruimy (560 points)
I'm coming from Ableton, and just dropped a lot of money committing to the PreSonus ecosystem. That this is an issue 3 years later is vexing and absolutely infuriating.
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answered Feb 25 by robcolling (1,100 points)
+1. I'm a professional music editor and I just migrated to Studio One. It's a very capable DAW for editing in most ways, but it urgently needs no-overlap mode. This is probably the number one missing feature from my point of view. (Simply implemented crossfades and the option to have S-curves would be numbers 2 and 3!)
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answered Mar 3 by alexandercooper1 (360 points)
+1  This is still a major reason people won't switch to Studio One as their main DAW.
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answered Mar 4 by alexelectronicmusicschool (310 points)
Coming from Ableton this is the number 1 feature that I miss!
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answered Mar 24 by lesliesabina (260 points)
I just came to Studio One after using Sagantech ‘s Metro (anyone ever hear of it?) for years. That DAW has always had no overlap (or replace and delete, or whatever you want to call it). I need this in S1!
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answered Apr 7 by joeymosk (300 points)
First let me say that I am switching over from LPX as the hardware and software compliment in of now, is TOO good to turn away. With that being said... I have some MAJOR issues..and this is MY first attempt at resolving what seems to be an incorrect implement of a MOST GENERIC feature that needs a reboot in functionality...So here it goes!!

Lets discuss why this "no overlap mode" deserves a real time adjustment!

1) in its most generic form - moving/copying/dragging/placing an event, is done soley for the prupose of hearing that region/event in aother place of your project/song. yes! yes!, yes!,

2) Now...most of all the extra features of any given S1 type program, besides the mandatory many.. were added to make that Application have extra, and above and beyond functionality.

     2a) so in its most generic form, a copy and place,drag n drop, should place a region in a designated spot without question! this decision was made in advance to the actual click of a mouse or button on keyboard. In essence, the decision has been made and carried out.

     2b) i ask in this regard... why is there an event/region still existing in the exact place that I have distinctly decided to place an event/region at this specific location. Has the S1 programmer decided how my moves in my song song on the day I am working on it, in front of my clients or just me, that I am "NOT SURE" of my actions. I know exactly what I am doing, and I am sure many others do too!. And for a fact..all the PT users, all the LPX users, Performer Users do as well. We are actually dealing with the basic functionality of copy,paste,copy and place function.... BEFORE the cool additions/options/functionality get added.

     2c) So I ask, why is there an existing region, wether it be underneath, STILL showing/existing in the axtact place I have distinctly decided to copy an event/region, drag and drop...Why is an event region still appearing in the exact place I copied material to,in my project or song?

3) now that we have determined thru discussion that, explicit actions, taken in S1, are explicit/acted upon/%100 meant to be just what that action is...lets talk about our options here.

     3a) I have seen in earlier versions thru an internet page that an option for "no overlap for events" was a preference at some point..I am not sure the functionality of that pref but.. let me define how re-instating should complete the proper mode in shich this option should play its part in S1.

     3b) If S1 community or the S1 programmers at large are whole heartedly adament about interfering with an action SO GENERIC, then the only action the pref should be - is to "Allow or NOT Allow the event/region to exist underneath the event/region when dragged on/copied on/placed on/recorde over etc...

4) Just so we are %100 clear - An action SO GENERIC as a drag/copy/place/record over a specified area should NEVER leave remnants of what once was unless a pref has givin you the option.

5) there is one question that could arise here.."Should I have to go ahead and manually delete BEFORE I copy/paste any event/region an existing event/region?

     5a) Or can we just just re-implement No Overlaps Mode- for Copy and Paste etc..Or can we Implement a Paste replace Mode which will under no circumstances will do anything but allow for a cleaner more professional work flow inside S1. Even in a worst case scenario, it's a wining solution!

I am in need for a RESOLVE HERE because the request here is for BASIC FUNCTIONALITY NOT EXTRA FUN STUFF..

Forgive me for goings on..but If for some reason this option exists and I have missed took me about 250 hours to be blind sighted here. And if I am correct in my knowledge that this feature doesnt exist... I ask ALL Community to STAND WITH ME and Let's get this MOST GENERIC, SIMPLE Action BAck in the game!!!!!

 My name is Joey Mosk -  I am now switching over TO S1 .I have been a Logic User from the Emagic days. I was the first US citizen to be complimented with a Mackie ConTrol Surface, I was a Logic Beta Tester for 17 years. I am Mentioning this so someone on the upside of this wonderful institution will take head to my ADAMENT proclaim how detrimental this feature is to the beginner (in a mess of events and regions, all the way the expert who needs ABSOLUTE cleanliness in his or her arrange window while working for three days straight. And HOW MUCH TIME WILL BE SAVED, not having to clean up all those events/regions that are hidden underneath the events/regions I have expicitly placed... I BEG YOU!

Feel free to contact me

Joey Mosk
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answered Apr 8 by sambosun (7,130 points)
Hej Joey.

Thanks for your input and clear explanation. With this feature request I also try to point out why pro tools does the whole „No overlap“ editing workflow so well.

No other linear (macOS) based DAW has yet implemented that „simple“ workflow. Not even logic.

I’m trying to pinpoint how important it is in a range selection workflow that a DAW interprets a time selection as a whole event. If you paste that time selection anywhere further down the timeline I want S1 to exactly recreate that time selection including empty space and delete everything underneath.

Important in that regard although cubase/nuendo can do that but only for a duplicate workflow not copy/paste or cut/paste!

So in my book any DAW should have this BASIC workflow implemented without any needed workarounds or macros involved!
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answered Apr 22 by dange74 (370 points)
I need S1 to have these ASAP.

this overlap thing really makes me confused.

Thank you!
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answered Apr 24 by alejandroherrera10 (290 points)
It's 2020 & still nothing??? This was asked in 2016
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answered Apr 29 by romaindescampe (1,050 points)
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answered Apr 29 by sambosun (7,130 points)

Please don’t forget to vote. Otherwise the development team doesn’t see how important that is for your personal workflow!

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answered May 15 by hobotech (1,530 points)
edited May 15 by hobotech
I gave up and went back to Logic and PT a couple of years ago because of this issue. I check in every few months to see if there's been an update. Completely baffling.

I think we should now start promulgating conspiracy theories as to why it hasn't been done. Personally, I'm pretty sure that someone from Avid has kidnapped one of the lead developer's family members to prevent it.

There are three other feature requests for this, please upvote all of them!!
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answered Jun 10 by peterstudt (400 points)
Bump! It is basic editing. Makes me Sad :(
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answered Jul 4 by blakesheedy (630 points)
What the **** Presonus. This is such a red flag. This thread is 4 years old, there are multiple threads addressing the same issue. And it's still not available? The MOST BASIC EDIT FUNCTIONALITY available in every other timeline based software I've ever used...isn't available in a $500 piece of software? What the actual **** guys? You're wasting your customers time with this disregard for something people have been asking for for 4 YEARS. As a new SO user, this is a huge red flag, right out of the gate. Also no slpit to mono function on stereo tracks. Basic **** guys. Step it up, or lose customers.
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answered Jul 8 by anubhavukil2 (580 points)
finally it has been implemented.
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answered Jul 8 by sambosun (7,130 points)
I’ve updated the title. It is implemented exactly s I’ve proposed it!

Thank you Presonus!!!!