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splitting a live recording into songs

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asked Jan 4, 2017 in Studio One 3 by Shelling (130 points) 1 flag
recategorized Jan 5, 2017 by mattcaprio
After recording a live recording I want to split it up into separate songs and send them to a Project for mastering. But each song in the concert requires completely different settings in the mix regarding volume, balancing, muting tracks and so on. How do I do this in the most convenient way?

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answered Jan 18, 2017 by LMike (14,740 points)
There are a few different ways to approach this but one way is to....

-  Save the song.

-  Erase everything but the section you want for a specific song, slide it all to 0:00 and Save As to a new song.

-  Reload the full live song, rinse and repeat until you have all of the sections as new songs.
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answered Jan 27, 2017 by smeiman (1,600 points)
I too do live recording.  The way I do this is divide the recording into songs by using flags.  Export each song as a stem.  Now you can open a new song and import the stems of the individual song.  Once you have mixed the song add it to a Project for mastering.
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answered May 25, 2018 by dewayne552 (490 points)
edited May 25, 2018 by dewayne552
I do live recordings too. I too use flags to point the begining of each song thereby naming the song(s). To speed up the process of mixing all of the songs, in a compromised workflow of choosing plugins and creating buses, i use automation to mix the entire recording. Spend as much time here as you want for detail. Then i send the entire song(s) to the Project page where i again have to split out the songs and in addition trim out the time between songs. I usually have more songs than will fit one a single CD so i have to disable enough songs so the remaining songs will fit on the first CD. Alternating enable/disable songs allows creating more CDs. Remember that if you want to change anything in the mix page you will then update the entire song(s) back to the Project page. The Project page has been very good at keeping all my work in the Project even after several ‘updates’ from the mixpage.