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Why am I only hearing left channel playback in both ears? Right side playback is muted.

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asked Jul 12, 2017 in AudioBox USB by jbjohnson1 (150 points)

PC Details:
Windows 10 custom-built PC
Audiobox USB with drivers automatically installed last week
Universal Controller up-to-date
Mainly using Reaper DAW but problem occurs in Audacity, Studio One, and when playing Windows audio back

The Issue:
I'm having the exact problem described in this post:


When listening to audio panned left I hear the playback in both ears without change; however, when something is panned to the right, the audio becomes quieter based on the pan level (i.e. 100% Right = 0 volume). The volume is played back in both ears regardless. Clearly, the playback is restricted to a mono channel on the left channel. But how do I fix the Audiobox to actually understand stereo playback?

I know this is an Audiobox issue. The playback is wrong in every DAW I've used (Reaper, Audacity, Studio One) as well as when handling Windows audio. The forum post suggests using the Universal Controller software which I have but I don't have any controls for the Audiobox even remotely related to his suggestions. Frankly, the functionality of that controller is useless.


I've provided some links and images below as well.

My forum post from earlier last week:

Recording screenshot:

A screenshot inside Reaper options and the Universal Controller app:

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answered Jul 12, 2017 by butchrichard (131,300 points)
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There are no monitoring mixer functionality with Universal Control for any of the AudioBox series devices.

Therefore, panning would entirely depend on the device itself and or any DAW software you use.

If you are having panning issues regardless of DAW software, then it is likely your AudioBox is faulty.

You should contact PreSonus Support for assistance.