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Please make Scenes more useful

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asked Aug 12, 2017 in Mixing by justinmeyer (2,240 points)
edited Aug 12, 2017 by justinmeyer


I like using Scenes for big projects which contain plenty of tracks, effects and VSTis.
However, I think the current Scene possibilities are comparable to driving a Ferrari in a forest.
A lot of unused potential.

I have three ideas which would improve the Scenes:

1. Preventing editing of hidden tracks
When you edit events with the Arranger, it also affects tracks of Scenes which are not active.
In this way you can easily make unwanted changes by accident.
Why would someone want to edit tracks which aren't visible?

2. Deactivating/Activating FX - EDIT - SOLVED - see below!
I see there is a function to turn on/off all effects.
Also here it would be useful to do it just for the visible tracks.
Logically is that all FX of the tracks are disabled (by the user).
Once a Scene gets selected, the user has the option to enable all FX for the Scene.
Before switching to another Scene, the FX of the visible tracks can be disabled (by the user).
(Would be possible with a standard S1 macro.)

3. Deactivating/Activating VSTis - EDIT - SOLVED - see below!
At the moment there doesn't seem to be an easy way to turn off several VSTis anyway.
- Opening the VSTi window and clicking on the icon - not good
- Opening the console and clicking on the icons - a bit better, but still not good
- Opening the performance window, marking the VSTis and clicking - acceptable, but not very scripting-friendly

For this reason it would be very user + scripting-friendly to make it like turn on/off FX,
but only for the active scene - the visible tracks.
Otherwise it would make absolutely no sense.
Thanks for reading!


Ignore point 2 and 3!

The option Enable/Disable track can be used for this!

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answered Aug 12, 2017 by justinmeyer (2,240 points)
I have to correct myself!

Point 2 and 3 can be ignored.

I checked that the option "Disable/Enable track" does exactly what I need.

It both enables/disables the VSTi and the FXs which are connected to this track.

So only point 1 would be an open point.
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answered May 22 by AlexTinsley (695,320 points)
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