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Copy and paste any tracks from one song to another [Completed: Import Song Data 4.0]

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asked Dec 8, 2017 in Editing by michaelglus1 (1,680 points)
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Please add drag and drop tracks functionality, so we can copy any track from one project to another. Including all saved parameters, like midi channels, routing, FX chains, etc. And also drag and drop tracks backwards to browser for saving them.

Watch two short videos below to see what I mean:

Simple, right? Presonus team can go even further and add this function to SO browser. So we can open project track list, see all the tracks and then drag and drop them where we want in the project (like now we can copy Instrument presets).

This would be useful for film and TV composers, producers and sound designers.

How? Let’s say I started a new orchestral score and want to add string section. Now, I’ve prepared before that, for example, 8 Kontakt tracks (or VE Pro connected tracks) with V1, V2, Violas, etc and saved it like normal song or template. So I simply navigate to that song project file via browser and drag and drop all 8 channels with fully prepared instruments. So I’m ready for composing and not do all boring stuff every time. This is huge time and CPU saver. Because you use only those tracks, that you need in the moment.

Now. You can say, Michael, but you can do templates already :) Yes, but if you decide to add more ready to use tracks in the progress of writing - you can’t. Even if you copy Instrument presets, you must at least make and set some midi channels (there may be 16, 32 or even 512). And this is big imperfection. I know that we have music loops also, but they doesn't cover that, because they are more for individual tracks, and we need to make them at first, which is way too long for big templates.

This must be implemented ASAP, because other DAW’s already have that, but they fail with other functions that SO does just perfect.

If you agree please vote up. Thank you.

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answered Dec 9, 2017 by rsay (280 points)

Drag and drop tracks functionality 

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answered Dec 9, 2017 by rsay (280 points)

it would not be bad to add the save function via drag and drop

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answered Apr 2 by jaywelter (330 points)
Why is this called an "answer" - it's not an answer, I'm just chiming in.  The principle is totally solid.  Luckily, I only have one or two instrument parts that I built up in another project, that I want to move to my current one. I have a project called "guitars", that I dropped every guitar into (that comes w/ Artist).  It's like my guitar room, with all my guitars and amps & whatever.  -Where I make the sound I want for the guitar, for any particular song. I keep farting around until I feel a rhythm and purpose come to me, then I go make a new song, and get my rhythm/tempo the way I want it, starting with a very basic beat, then, I would like to just drop in this guitar, -using the method you describe here, would be perfect. Don't even have to leave what is now the "master project", just browse the other one(s) for the tracks you need.

I want the instrument(s), tweaks, effects, everything I produced "over there" on a particular track - to come in, here.  Like a guitar guy works out his part to perfection, then brings it into the studio.  I don't want to bounce to audio first because I may want to change the midi at some point, after I bring it in.  It's all in our ears and we need to keep the flow going, not break it up by having to screw with infrastructure and tech.  All due respect to techs, I was once a tech, lol.

I wonder if a macro could cover this?  Naw?  Good luck, man, hope they can incorporate this. It'd be perfect.
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answered Apr 25 by alienman250 (150 points)
PLEASE add this. i've been needing this for years. I record guitars and vocals on my main computer and then I need to record drums on my laptop and there is no way to quickly merge the 2 song projects, especially after I have already applied fx chains to the drum tracks on my laptop. Also please add the ability to add template tracks AFTER the song has already been made.
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answered May 22 by AlexTinsley (695,320 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please VOTE!

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answered May 23 by michaelglus1 (1,680 points)
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That's better! Thank You, Presonus :)
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answered Jun 2 by PreAl (2,130 points)
This is particularly completed?  What are we voting for this issue has become confusing. I think it's less likely people are going to vote for an issue with the words "completed" on it imho.

If it's partially completed split the feature request into two. Keep the same votes for the outstanding feature request.