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How to assign faderport buttons to Cubase functions ?

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asked Jan 14, 2018 in FaderPort 8 by lucdekesel (130 points)

I am working with Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks and the latest firmware update of Faderport 8 (d.d. January 14th, 2018).

My DAW is cubase 7. Is there a way to assign the Faderport buttons and faders to an arbitrary function/transport/plugin button in Cubase ?

The behaviour of some buttons like transport is sometimes seemingly 'random'. Example : 'stop' does not always return to the song locator; 'Bank' sometimes interrupts the song playing and 'next' sometimes interrupts the song instead of switching the faders.

I don't find a way to navigate through my locators either.

Sorry to say but I am a little disappointed in this product if I can't make this work.


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