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MPK mini playing multiple instruments at once but none are triggered

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asked Feb 4 in Studio One 3 by tylerwhitehead (130 points)
So I have my MPK mini connected to my laptop and set up in studio one. It plays and records just fine most of the time. My problem is when I'm trying to record or play one specific instrument, several of the other instruments I have pulled up will also play. The blue monitor light is off on all the tracks except the one I want to hear but I can still hear impact drums or mai tai keys playing in the background/foreground of the noise I WANT to hear. I think it could be a channel splitting problem maybe? I have tried having only two channels active and splitting between those two or all channels and the problem is the same. Please help, I want to jam asap and this is hindering me a lot.

Lenovo T460s

Windows 10 64


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