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Assigning Midi faders to channel volumes used with instruments

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asked Feb 5 in Studio One 3 by louislawyer (170 points)

Hello all,

I have used the search and tried to solve this myself. I prefer doing my own google-fu, but was unable to resolve this.I am trying to create a template to increase workflow and save my wrist.

What I'm attempting to do is:

  1. Assign midi controls from a Code 49 to control the volumes of the first 8 channels of studio one 3 Pro.

The first 8 channels are Studio one/VST instruments. I have successfully assigned the faders to the channels, but when I change/replace VST it seems to remove the fader control over the channel.

How do I solidify control over the channel no matter what resides there? Is there a way to go about it?

Please & thanks

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