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StudioLive Series III Daw Control for Steinberg Cubase

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asked Feb 19, 2018 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by antonwax (240 points) 1 flag
Hi Presonus

congratulations on the implementation of DAW Control for Studio One, I heard that it is released.

I was just reading a few Feature requests about Studio One 3 because I was thinking about a crossgrade, just there are some functions in Cubase that I am using and I would miss them in Studio One 3. The questions have tons of votes, and still they are not implemented, no matter, just why do you want to have your own Sequencer, when there are Sequencers with a longer history that are already established.

Please could you focus on being a Hardware Manufacturer first before trying to clone A software that is already working great? Me and many others would buy a Series III Mixer with 32 Inputs, so that would be good business for you, just I am waiting until the DAW Control is equally working with Cubase (Pro) and or logic and protools, otherwise I will not purchase it.

Your console is the only one in the price range, no real challenging other products from other companies on the audio hardware market.


Kind regards, and thanks for reading, have a nice time, meanwhile I am waiting until end of 2018 for the release, otherwise I ll assume that Series III DAW Control in that price range will not be the only product on the market anymore, so I will have another choice or maybe even more.

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answered Jun 14, 2018 by benpierce (91,530 points)
Best answer

Thanks for the feature request!

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answered Feb 19, 2018 by lambertblikman (360 points)
Here is another potential buyer who is using Cubase and is waiting for good DAW integration.... I thought that I heard in a video mentioning that it will be available?

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answered Aug 23, 2018 by robc6 (440 points)
I'm a newbie looking for my first console..... wanting to move away from audio interfaces. I have a friend who owned the earlier SL 24.4.2 and couldn't speak highly enough of his unit which he ran Pro Tools 10. I may have option to buy it but then I find out that it is obsolete and speaking to the local distributor will not be able to get parts if anything fails and urged me to look at the new series 3 SL 24.

well I have been trying to get answers on the question of series 3 SL24 compatibility with pro tools for a few days with posts getting views but no responses which including this post confirms. there is no compatibility with Pro Tools let along Pro Tools 2018.7 or any other DAW except Studio One. your post confirms to me that PreSonus is not a good fit for me pity really coz the series 3 units looks really good.
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answered Sep 25, 2018 by tonyjones24 (290 points)

I dont know your name but your question is what I have been wanting to know as well....this is what I wrote Personus as well.

I wrote them and asked about using  other DAWS...below is what they said and my reply back.....

Hi Tony, 

Thanks for getting in touch. 

DAW control for 3rd party DAW's currently not available on the Series III consoles. However I just wanted to give an update on MCU and HUI Mode for Series III Mixers. 

We are currently testing a build within our QA Department. As soon as it is stable, we will release it to our Private Beta Group and then as a Public Beta . After that it will be released as an official version. We do not have a time frame on this process but just so you know its current status. 


Jonny Doyle
Technical Support Rep

My reply we will see if they listen to us!

Ok thats what I wanted to know, just a note it would be helpful if Presonus would just come out and say on the website somewhere it s not compatible with other DAWS other than yours. That lets us other DAW user know without trying to dig for it on your site! 
Presonus use to to be user friendly with all DAWs, most of my studio friends that use other DAWS are not going to stop using what they have been using for years and learn another DAW. Hope you folks will listen to your customers and make that happen, I would be buying the Mixer today if that were the case. thanks Tony

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answered Dec 12, 2018 by alibee (350 points)
I have purchased the new SL32 III mixer in the last week not knowing it will not work in DAW mode for Cubase, this stinks of the old Pro Tools Software/Hardware pairing where you had to buy both to use it. At least Presonus do package in the Software but that isn't the point. I have been using Cubase for decades and it shouldn't be rocket science to design a digital unit to work with all DAW software. I love Presonus mixers and have three of them but bought the 32 III specially for my new recording studio.

PLEASE sort it Presonus or i will buy something else which does work and i feel i will not be alone.
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answered Apr 9 by jozefholly (250 points)

Hi, I am the next potential buyer! But only if it will fully work with Cubase 10!!!
Can you tell us, if you working on implementation Cubase ? If not, i will also leaving the PreSonus Family.
Please give us date, that we know, if we should waiting, or just buy another mix console.
Thank you wink

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answered Jul 2 by rmiorts (210 points)
Thanks for the request, I am a steinberg official trainer.

It would be great that presonus built a complete integration of the studio live for Cubase. You did it for Logic and Protools, why not for Cubase. I don't understand why ?
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answered Jul 22 by erickrygelmans (460 points)
This request should be high priority for Presonus