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Studiolive 32 III possible to DAW Control in Logic pro X?

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asked Mar 11 in StudioLive Series III by sonnykessen (180 points)
edited Mar 11 by sonnykessen

I just bought the studiolive 32 serie 3. Also bought it because i was told it was possible to DAW Control with Logic pro x.

I Dont know how to do it? Is it possible? The DAW button on the mixer does nothing.. Or when is it possible to use?

Hope you guys can help me out!

Thanks :)

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answered Mar 19 by jonnylipsham (7,260 points)
Whoever told you that information was providing you with incorrect information. Currently DAW Mode is not available for any DAW. It is currently in Public Beta for Studio One. Upon completion, I should imagine MCU and HUI betas will begin. I do not know the timetable. Sorry.