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asked Mar 27 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by jayviedb (480 points)

Will Presonus Series III and current UC eventually support windows WDM playback routing?

Just bought a 32 Ch series III, looks like I'm only able to route from my windows PC to Tape in input for playback. It does not give me an option route to 2 separate faders/inputs for stereo control. Our church has a choir and we use DVD with a split track. We need to be able to remove the voice from the split track when playback. With the series III I am not able to do this. 

We currently use 24.4.2 Studio live which has the WDM routing and I am able to assign 2 faders/inputs. This allows us to remove the voice by stereo linking the 2 faders. One fader (voice track) is turned down so we only hear the music.

Any suggestions on how we can achieve this with the series III in windows OS?

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answered Apr 11 by ghasenbeck (351,860 points)
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