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Faderport 8 does not function properly follwoing latest Studio One 3 update

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asked Apr 10, 2018 in FaderPort 8 by simonnoble1 (130 points)

Since an update to the latest version of Studio One, I’ve lost functionality of the FP8. When I open an existing song the faders stay down. The LEDs remain blank. The transport keys do operate S1 but don’t light up. Other buttons do operate S1 but again don’t light up. The FP8 is correctly set up in external devices. The really weird thing is when I close S1 the faders then adjust to the song I closed down and I’m getting data in the LED’s of the FP8.

I’ve tried 3 different USB leads, different USB ports, full reboot of the PC, reinstalling UC but no joy. I have also tried updating the FP8 firmware (because Universal controller is telling me to do so) from 1.01 to 2.01. The install says it's completed successfully however UC is telling me I am still on v1.01 and to run the update again. Which I have many times. 

How can  resolve these issues?

Windows 10 64 bit, i5 processor, 8gb RAM. Audiobox 1818vsl

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answered Sep 26, 2018 by jimmoody (160 points)
I'm having same problems, but I'm running on MacBook Pro. I'm just wanting to follow this post
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answered Apr 15 by brennankirkpatrick (170 points)
I'm having the same issues on my Faderport 16 as of last week and today.  UC shows an update pending, I go through the motions of updating but it fails every time. It updated to v2 a few weeks back, now saying v3 is available but cannot get it to update properly.

When I close S1Pro3 the Faderport goes crazy, whipping through all the fader motions I've been doing since I last closed S1Pro3.  Nothing is working during the DAW session except transport. Really big waste of cash just for the transport buttons!

Dear Presonus people: I've spent over $4000 with your company, please help us out here and fix the Faderport 16 / 8 reliability issues! Many thanks!  BK