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Is there a trick for Matrix out from Studio III and StudioRack III

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asked Apr 20, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by douggilmour1 (200 points)
We have a StudioLive Series III 32 channel console paired with a rack Series III 32 channel in stage box mode.

I went to configure a matrix and send the matrix out to the amps, but did not get any signal out. A straight flex mix in aux mode works. Is there some trick to routing a flex mix in matrix mode out the Rack unit in Stagebox mode?


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answered Jun 22, 2018 by benpierce (70,180 points)
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When in stagebox mode, the 32R should mirror all the outputs from the console. I just tried it with a matrix and it worked fine. Make sure when you're in UC that the screen shows this message when you click on the Rack mixer:

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answered Jun 24, 2018 by RickH (830 points)
Make sure your matrix mix channel output is set to ABV send 41-57 to use the pyhsical outputs on rack, depending what output on rack you want to use.