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Lagging when i play more than one instrument at the same time

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asked Apr 27, 2018 in Studio One 3 by mishavaganov (150 points)

I have been experiensing plenty of problems with lagging of my Studio One track, when ever I play it. Here are some examples of when it occurs. When I am using the digital piano and instruments to make a melody and try play them all at the same time i hear the worst ever lagging. I have 3 tracks, 2 of which are piano and strings. Whenever i play them they sound perfect, but as soon as i unmute the 3rd strings and let them all play together i experience too much lag. There is so much of it , you wouldnt be able to hear barely any music.What could the problem be?

It also happenes when i high up beat song is played with instruments such as bells , you are not able to play it using the bells instruments as you would just hear lagging occuring.

Please could you help me fix the problem. Thank you.

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answered Apr 27, 2018 by AlexTinsley (912,170 points)
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Several factors may be at play here.

In Studio One, using Mai-Tai has a quality setting which will determine how hard it hits your CPU for audio resolution in the playback.

Some presets are set to Supreme which can impact your CPU usage. Try adjusting it to a lower settting to see if your CPU can handle it.

Also make sure you have the correct driver installed for your interface. If you're on Windows and you have not installed the ASIO driver that comes with your interface, then your latency will be horrible as the Windows WDM driver has about 1/2 second of latency and it gets worse the mroe you load down your DAW, not just Studio One.

If you have installed the ASIO driver and you're having this issue, several other factors may be at play.

First adjust your latency, not sure on what that is? Read this great article that explains Digital Audio Latency.

Already know about latency? Then the issue may be your system itself.

Slow CPU, Slow Hard Drive, Not enough Memory all can play into degrading performance.

Make sure your system meets the Tech Specs:

Consider posting in the Studio Community Forum for Community Support / suggestions on what else you can do to resolve your CPU usage issues.