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May we please have a more specific answer regarding 44.1khz ETA for series iii?

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asked May 5 in StudioLive Series III by coaldavie (500 points)
reshown May 10 by AlexTinsley
The previous answer was "Soon"


1. I will have to urinate soon (30-60 minutes)

2. We will all be dead soon (30-100 years)

Please provide a more customer support oriented answer than "soon"

Thank you

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answered May 11 by coaldavie (500 points)
Hi Friends

I managed to get a number for technical support and called to try and determine when 44.1 would be ready

Good news:

The customer support representative was well trained and well chosen, patient, supportive and brought some light to my darkening view of presonus

Unfortunate news:

He did not have info, said the development team is working on it and there is no way to contact them or get any information from them  are

This doesn't really help I know, but for me it helped because if I was able to get a reasonable eta, I may have continued to hold out, but now I'm forced to get into offense mode and return my unit which I was misinformed about by the regional Rep when I puchased it.  It saddens me because I really love the unit in theory  and I want it to work, but I can't wait forever without any reassurance from presonus.