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Do the faders of the cs18ai not respond after turning it on?

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asked May 8 in Ai Mixers by presenciaviva1 (120 points)
Hi, I'm Gustavo

I'm using the CS18ai along with the RM32
everything worked fine the first week but then when I turn on the cs18ai the faders start to move alone from top to bottom and when they stop I connect the cs18ai to the RM32 with an avb switch and everything works except that the faders do not respond they stay down

I can control everything except the volumes of the mixture general
Eh off and turned on the cs18ai several times but still with the same problem
I even did the firmware update but it does not solve the problem

For the connection I use a MOTU avb switch together with a wifi router
connected together with CAT6 cables

I have been with this problem for several days. I need help because I use the CS18AI constantly.

best regard

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