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Dedicated controller for Studio One similar to Ableton’s Push 2

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asked May 23 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by joe audio (630 points)
edited May 27 by joe audio
A dedicated controller for Studio One similar to Ableton’s Push 2 would be great. Anything that I can access the features in Studio One without looking at the computer. Maybe a 16 by 8 grid with a screen , knobs , something for pitch bending and modulation. You could use it for step sequencing, controlling the mixer , panning, chopping samples, and accessing all 8 banks of Impact XT  at once , and mapped to Sample One XT. Play instruments with the pads in either synth or scale mode , to play chords , and control vsts and be able to divide the grid into sections and have each section control a different instrument or parameter.  In other words, a bigger version of The Deluge , with 128 pads ,a nice sized screen, knobs and buttons to navigate, a pitch bend/modulation strip , and transport controls.

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answered May 23 by derylpresberry (560 points)
I like the sound of the drum midi controller, but the keyboard controller is a reach...
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answered May 31 by AlexTinsley (696,440 points)
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