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Headphones problem with Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL

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asked May 24, 2018 in AudioBox VSL Series by arekreliga (190 points)

My name is Are.

I just bought Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL and everything went smooth with installation everything is fine but...somehow I have problem with my headphones. I tried to set up out puts to 7/8 but than my speakers stopped to play. I use Windows 10, Sonar Platinum. Any advice would be helpful Thanks in Advance.

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answered May 24, 2018 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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Headphones are wired directly to 7/8.

The main outs are connected to 1/2. 

If you set your DAW output to 7/8 and connect your headphones, then you can hear both and control the volume for headphones from the front panel and the output of 7/8 can be controlled by the main fader in your DAW. 

You can read these tutorials on how to setup in Studio One to get an idea of how to set your mix routings in Sonar. 

also consider reviewing this article:
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answered May 24, 2018 by arekreliga (190 points)
Ok, thanks a lot :)
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answered Feb 27, 2022 by thekaostrain (140 points)

Just wanted to add my own problems/answers relating to the issues of headphones setup on the Audiobox 1818VSL.

I haven't seen a clear answer here or anywhere relating to the use of Universal Control (UC) vs Audiobox VSL 1.3 (VSL) software.

After some time away from recording, my band and I were ready to go again. So I built a new computer and downloaded all the software (including bundled software).

While setting everything up I read that the UC was the way to go and dutifully downloaded the latest version and installed it... NOTHING...

So I installed, reinstalled, installed again and reinstalled, Nothing worked, so I went back to the old Audiobox 1.3 and everything worked... Except for the Headphones.

I went through the process of setting up my headphones via the Studio One Artist 4 tutorial (found in lots of places on the internet). Creating the channel 7/8 Cue Mix, but this didn't work either.

Thinking to myself, "You're an IT guy, surely you can sort this out...". So put my head down and started from scratch. It's amazing what you can do if you take a deep breath and start again. I knew the main issue was the Audiobox 1.3 VSL or the Universal Control software, so I went to the downloads page at Presonus and started looking. Discontinued products \ Audiobox 1818VSL.

At this point ( I can only see one download option (Universal Control v3.6.2.85277) - This is the one that didn't work for me so I looked a little harder. Then I clicked on the "Show / Hide all versions of software downloads for Windows 10 64-bit". Now I am looking at 38, yes, 38 different UC, including the one Audiobox 1.3.

Now, because I had issues with the UC software before, and I hate doing things over and over... I decided to read the Release Notes, for ALL 38 download options... And guess what... Except for the "AudioBox VSL v1.3" and the "Universal Control 1.8", none of the others make mention of the Audiobox 1818VSL, leading me to the conclusion that none of the downloads beyond "UC 1.8" actually support the Audiobox 1818VSL.

Guess what happened next...

  1. I uninstalled drivers for anything to do with the Audiobox and rebooted.
  2. I installed the latest version of UC which, if you read the last paragraph, was the UC 1.8
  3. I then set up the headphones "channel 7/8 Cue Mix" and BANG - Everything worked as expected.
I think Presonus should probably add something to the Downloads page that lets people know that different DAWS are only supported by certain versions of UC. At least then you can go... "I have an Audiobox 1818VSL' Look at the page, maybe with some sort of table or list that says "Audiobox 1818VSL is only supported up to UC 1.8", and maybe a little download link. Instead of having to dig deep into a website by following links (if you know what you are looking for), then read every "Release Notes" to find out what, of the 38 downloads will actually work with my DAW...!