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problems with melodyne en studio one pro v4

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asked May 25 in Studio One 4 by mauromorales (240 points)
Hello my name is mauro and I have problems with melodyne essenssial. When I want to use the full screen mode, you can only see the work area in half. in v3 I had no problems with that function

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answered May 26 by fransvannispen (2,460 points)
I also experience a lot of trouble using Melodyne. The GUI is slow, it crashes, GUI shows half. Might only be in sessions migrated from S3
asked May 26 in Studio One 4 by mauromorales (240 points) Probelemas con melodyne
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answered May 26 by mauromorales (240 points)

Hello friend, thank you for responding .. I have not yet started a project from scratch in SOv4 I will try to do something and if I have an answer I will comment on this thread. Greetings and God bless you!

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answered May 30 by fransvannispen (2,460 points)
Melodyne is completely unusable in S4. I tried with a new clean session now, and the 1st time you fire up Melodyne it all looks fine, but once you close the Melodyne editor and open it again (or open it from a save session where it's already on a track), it completely freaks out in the GUI window. Sometimes it's half the displayed window, sometimes it way bigger than the screen while showing a small title bar.

When moving or resizing such a corrupted window, crashes Studio One. So now way to use Melodyne in S4. It was already quite buggy in S3, but in S4 we are completely in the dark.
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answered May 31 by davidburke1 (340 points)
I'm having the same issue with Melodyne after uploading Studio One 4.  On a given song file, the first time Melodyne is activated the entire right-hand side of the Melodyne window is cut off, thus preventing access to the top right-hand corner icons (minus sign, square[s], and X).  Then, upon opening Melodyne a subsequent time in the same song file, the Melodyne window is complete but fills only have the screen (left), and the right side of the Melodyne window is a grey/black square.  I've reported this issue to PreSonus, and I've been told that its development team is aware of the problem.  I suggest that anyone having similar issues to submit a work request to PreSonus ASAP!
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answered Jun 12 by brianmeisner1 (180,410 points)
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There is currently an issue logged with PreSonus in reference to the Melodyne UI and window.  As a workaround, you will want to keep Melodyne docked inside of Studio One.  The problem occurs when you undock Melodyne.  Please check the release notes of future updates to Studio One to see if this issue has been resolved.  If you cannot dock the window in your song, try maximizing the window to get the button back and then choose the option to dock it.
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answered Jun 13 by rafaelvillafane (470 points)
I'm having exactly the same problem. Melodyne (current version, Melodyne. is unusable with Stuido One 4. Please resolve this issue!