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Add time shift to Patter Editor

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asked May 31, 2018 in Editing by sergeykuptsov (600 points)
In pattern we can't move notes in time (Can't make a preshifted claps, or make a Hi hat later than beat etc)

It MUST be there fore making good groove!

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answered May 31, 2018 by AlexTinsley (753,520 points)
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answered May 31, 2018 by tarsonis (2,820 points)
Good one. I wanted to post that one too but searched first. Guru got this one like the velocity bars you can change in the height. Prefereable for me it would be a tab like velocity/probability where one could shift the bar up or down.
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answered Jun 2, 2018 by samueltournan (690 points)
this one is crucial! Some other Sequencer have it, such as Motu BPM. It's a bar such as the one for velocity but the default value is a centred position. implementing this should open the way to switch anytime between piano roll and pattern editing.
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answered Jun 19, 2018 by jazzundso (1,510 points)
Agree. Totally.