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Cant get sound from the headphones connected to the Auidobox 96 USB using WDM input from virtual mixer.

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asked Jun 3, 2018 in AudioBox USB by dorbanay (120 points)

Im using Voicemeeter Banana for my computer auido setup to my stream (OBS), I just bought Audiobox USB 96 and I want to make my Voicemeeter Banana recognized my headphone input from the Audiobox with WDM, currently on WDM the sound cracks, and on MME it works just fine, the problem Im having is on MME I have high latency on the sound wich is not ideal by any means with FPS games etc..

My Mic is connected via the Audiobox and working just fine with the Voicemeeter Banana with WDM.

On the Universal Control sofware, when I go to options, there is a tab that called WDM setup, It writes "WDM Setup is not aviailable for the connected devices".

I would like to have my headphones connected via WDM to my Voicemeeter Banana.



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