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If I upgrade to S1-4, can I still keep my Studio One V.3.x latest version running on the same computer ?

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asked Jun 3, 2018 in Studio One 4 by preso1616 (300 points)
I am running Studio One 3.x latest version. I wish to upgrade to Studio One 4 but I am afraid that if I run into trouble, there will be no way back. I read that Studio One 4 installs into a different Program Folder - is that right ?

After I install Studio One 4 - can I continue to use Studio One 3.x as before ? (Until I finish ongoing projects..) ?

I read in the forum questions that are some serious problems with WAVES plugins when purchasing a new Waves plugin under Studio One 4. Has this problem been fixed - what is the ETA ?

Does Presonus actually recommend performing the Upgrade installation into a production Studio One 3.X DAW which is business critical to a recording studio ??? Do you guarantee it will work - do you have confidence ???   

Most of our Plugins are the brand names - Waves, Slate Digital, Plugin Alliance, Toontrack, Symphonic Choir, Symphonic Orchestra etc...

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answered Jun 3, 2018 by jefffarkas (300 points)
Yes.. I just tried to run my old copy of 3.5 and it worked. But, keep in mind when you save a project in version 4 you can no longer use it in any previous versions.