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I want a combo StudioLive RML32ai + CS18ai, but I have a few questions. Can someone help me?

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asked Jun 8 in StudioLive CS18Ai by feliperocha3 (120 points)

Hi folks!

I work as a soundtech volunteer in a church, and we use some different sound inputs and outputs. Due to some limitations we face because of our equipments, we have some special needs. There are 3 PCs running Windows 10, which will be used to capture audio (multitrack), play video and control an aux bus that should be captured by an old BlackMagic Design Switcher.

Besides, we want to take the analog multicables off, and replace it with a SL RML32ai, so all the audio inputs and outputs for the band and the ministers would be at the stage, connected to the FOH through a single ethernet cable.

But we need the following:

- 1 digital SPDIF in at the FOH or 1 stereo track through ethernet (Does it have any delay?). We play some short videos from a PC to the audience and to the live stream.

- 1 digital SPDIF out: this has to be SPDIF out, because we have an old BlackMagic Design switcher which only accepts SPDIF audio in its auxiliar audio input. Also, we need to redirect one of the aux buses to this output, so we can mix it sepparetelly from the FOH (we also need it to be controled by a PC that will be located at another room).

- Multitrack recording through ethernet to a PC in the FOH, and multitrack playback (it will be used to train the volunteers on how to mix and operate the console).

- A talkback mic and a phone output to monitor solos, aux buses or the entire mix at the FOH.

- Control of the aux buses through smartphones or tablets. If so, how many control devices can connect at the same time?

Can I do all of it with this RML32ai + CS18ai combo? Do I need any expansion card? Is it relliable to be operational for the next ten years?

Thanks in advance! May God bless you all!

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