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Can I simultaneously record 2 tracks, one dry, one wet, in Studio One 4 Prime

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asked Jul 23, 2018 in Studio One 4 by bluesdelux (500 points)
Since Studio 4 Prime does not support VST plug-ins, how can I simultaneously record 2 tracks, one dry, one wet, using a one input interface with an iPad as the guitar input (wet) using BIAS FX?

Is there a creative input/output routing in Studio One to do this? I'm looking to get a dry track of my guitar takes in case I want to change the BIAS FX preset, otherwise, I'm just getting the wet signal and no way to change the tone if needed.

I'm aware of the VST plug in addition to purchase, but it's not in my budget at this time.


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answered Jul 23, 2018 by sirmonkey (2,710 points)
Maybe you could use a headphone splitter,  and split the signal coming out of your interface. Run one wire to your I-pad, and the other tpo your mic input on your computer.
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answered Jul 24, 2018 by bluesdelux (500 points)
Thanks sirmonkey, I'll look into trying to split my signal. I think my issue is with my interface. It has multiple inputs, 1/4, RCA, XLR and digital. I can't get or don't know how, to get Studio One to recognize each input. It just see my device, which is a Roland UA 4FX, as one stereo input. I don't think it's capable of handling 2 inputs at once, only one at a time, I believe.

Here's my chain: Guitar > iRig 2 > iPad > iRig 2 (headphone out) > UA 4FX RCA (in) > iMac.
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answered Nov 21, 2018 by Vatche (2,870 points)

Roland UA 4FX is simple stereo USB audio, so all you will see is 2 inputs or L & R.

Plus, Prime edition only supports 2 inputs/outputs.

You can use a DI box to slit the signal.

1) Guitar to DI box

2) DI XLR Output to XLR Mic input

3) DI 1/4" Thru to iRig2 > iPad > iRig2 > H/P Out to Left or Right RCA only.

4) Then add 2 mono tracks in Prime, set one to input 1 (L) and the other input 2 (R).

I' can't confirm if both Mic input and Guitar 1/4 input go to both stereo or onto one channel.

Hope this helps.

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answered Nov 27, 2018 by bluesdelux (500 points)
Thanks Vatche!  This is a great workaround and I was certain it was going to work. Unfortunately, the UA 4FX sums the 2 inputs into one. So my two mono tracks have both the wet and dry audio printed on them.

Thanks for the great idea!