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Studio One 4 - slave sychronization

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asked Aug 5 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by hajoherz (620 points)
recategorized Aug 9 by PreSonuSupt4

Can you please add midi time code sychronization (MTC), so that Studio One 4 can run as a SLAVE to any other DAW?

All other DAWs I know have this feature, why not Studio One 4? Sometimes it is necessary to work with 2 DAWs at the same time, in order to take advantage of the one or other feature.

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answered Dec 3 by cliffresnick (130 points)
a waste of money without being able to sync studio 4 as a slave to MTC, Cubase has been doing this for over ten years
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answered Dec 5 by angel2808 (250 points)
I am actually really the added 'Professional' tag with this product is actually just a phrase ;-(

PRESONUS please bring this feature! More people go analog...