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Allow dragging inserts/sends to any vertical location on channel, leaving empty slots between

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asked Aug 9, 2018 in Mixing by tommikujala (6,210 points)
retagged Jul 22, 2020 by tommikujala
Inserts and sends can be dragged and rearranged in mixer window, but it's not possible currently to leave empty space between them. From a organised standpoint there would be multiple benefits from allowing to do so:

1. Putting EQ plugin (for example) on a same row horizontally on each track, allowing a quick A/B (on-off) on multiple tracks simultaneously. If all similar plugins are lined up across session, it's easier to see overview whats happening mixing wise.

2. Grouping inserts in a fx chain for a better visual. For example leaving space between utility plugins and sound shaping plugins on a track.


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