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closed [Completed 4.0] Maintain zoom state of event editor on first double click

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asked Dec 10, 2015 in Completed Feature Requests by niles (52,480 points)
closed May 22, 2018 by niles

Currently when you open an Event editor by double clicking with your left mouse button, the previous zoom state of the event editor is reset to full.

Current behavior

I would like to make a suggestion to bring back the feature to maintain the zoom position of the event editor when opening it by double click, when the editor is closed. The second double click (when the editor is open) should zoom out full (like Studio One v2 and the Studio One v3 manual describes).

Requested behavior (simulated by KC)

Studio One version 2.6.4 behavior (requested)

Additional information:

In the  Studio One 3 Reference Manual the requested behavior is described as expected behavior for version 3.

Edit View Event Editing
In many cases, editing actions require a close look at the Events being edited. To perform these edits in the Arrange view would require zooming in to a level that would make it difficult to retain your sense of the overall Song structure, then zooming back out after the edits are performed. Edit views allow you to avoid this inefficiency. To open the Edit view for the selected Event, click on the [Edit] button, press [F2] on the keyboard, or double-click on any Event. You can also open the Editor by selecting Editor from the View menu. While there is a common Edit view, Audio Events open in the Audio Editor,and Instrument Parts open in the Music Editor.
The Edit view displays the currently selected Event on a timeline that is independent of the Arrange view timeline. By default, the Edit view timeline is zoomed in further than the default Arrange view timeline. While the Edit view is open, double-clicking an Event in Arrange view zooms the Edit view to contain the full Event.

closed with the note: Completed in 4.0, thank you for voting and PreSonus thanks for listening!

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answered Dec 17, 2015 by AlexTinsley (773,970 points)
Thanks for the suggestion Niles..

If anyone else likes this idea, please vote it up.

The more people vote on the questions, the more likely it will be included in a future update.
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answered Jun 14, 2016 by fransvannispen (3,770 points)
Totally agree. Working with the piano roll is very, very frustrating in the current version of S1 (3.2.3). Working on some drum patterns, I double click to open the piano roll, but every time I click another clip in the arrange window, the piano roll is zoomed out to fit the whole keyboard range in stead of keeping my last zoom state.

I also find it odd that the default behavior is to zoom to fit as much of the content as possible. For overview, there is the arrange window. If we dig into a clip, we want closeup details. So more appropriate is the zoom to fit the currently used note range with some padding as default behavior. If the clip is empty, zooming 2 octaves with the C3/C4 centered would be more logical to me.

Any way, when working with S1, I currently feel that I'm constantly zooming an panning rather than focussing on creating music.

Another very, very frustrating behavior is that when moving notes, a lot of the times the view scrolls incredibly fast to a different point in the arrangement. Actually more jumping to another spot, where I lose track of where I'm at and need to zoom out and in again the know what's going on. Same 'jump' behavior is also happening in plugins, when for example I'm moving the handles in UAD Cambridge EQ or Fabfilter Q, the selected handle jumps to the left bottom out of the blue.
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answered Jul 29, 2016 by AriAhrendt (740 points)
Remember: Double clicking an event is NOT the command for "Open Editor".  That is F2 !
What you are doing is the command for:  "Show me all content of the clicked event in an overview ".

So that means when the zoom state is different as the note content, then everything is fits to the window size.

What you want is simple toggle open/close the Editor window.  And the way to do this is F2.
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answered Jul 30, 2016 by niles (52,480 points)
edited Jul 30, 2016 by niles

AriAhrendt answer What I request is to bring back the Studio One v2 zoom behavior. I personally find it annoying to have to reach for my keyboard just to open the musical editor with the previous zoom state. Especially when performing or having only one hand free. 

I really don't understand why an important action like "Open editor", we do thousands of times when working on a song with a detached editor isn't under our mousing fingertip and is replaced for "Show me all content of the clicked event in an overview". Especially since the overview is already there in the arrangement. I work with relatively short parts, but I could imagine when working with long parts the current v3 behavior feels even more as a regression because the editor's view won't tell you much more over the arrangement view. 

Mind the image below of the Studio One 2 behavior. After I opened the detached editor the first time (with double click) and zoomed to the preferred zoom level, I can close the editor, open the editor with double click, close it again and open it again with double click, all respecting the zoom level I've set. When I finally double click again when the editor is open, it zooms out to fit. Very functional and well thought out! 

That's the request!


On a side note: Another downside of using a KC over LMB when working with a detached editor is when opening several Instrument Parts residing on different tracks with a KC (like F2) only shows the last selected part in the editor. So you have to open the list editor and enable the view of the other track. While opening on double click instantly shows all parts.

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answered Nov 18, 2016 by igorparaskeva (240 points)
Absolutely agree. I always forget to press F2 instead of double clicking, current behavior is very counter-intuitive.
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answered Jan 4, 2018 by Orbit-50 (320 points)
Dude, Studio One 3 is the best DAW seriously. My only gripe with it, is the Event editor not remembering my zoom settings. Particularly the vertical zoom. It drives me crazy! Other than that, Studio One is perfect.