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closed [Completed 4.0] Show only named pitches in editor (fold)

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asked Dec 11, 2015 in Completed Feature Requests by niles (52,350 points)
closed May 29, 2018 by niles

I would like to suggest a feature to show only named pitches in the MIDI editor's pitch map view.
So pitch lanes without a name will be hidden. This is useful when working with drum instruments, sample players or instruments with only a few pitches assigned etc. It can even be very usable when you only want to show named key switches only, by temporarily switching from the piano roll to the pitch map view.

Below is simple example with only 6 kit pieces.

So this...

After hiding the empty names...

Become this...

Additionally a function only showing pitches with content on them, similar to the images above could increase clarity too.

closed with the note: Closed with the note: Completed in 4.0, thank you for voting and PreSonus thanks for listening!

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answered Dec 12, 2015 by AlexTinsley (773,150 points)
Interesting request.

If anyone else is interested in seeing this implemented, please vote it up.
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answered May 1, 2017 by garystone (1,110 points)
In Ableton Live this is called "Fold" and it hides all unused lanes.
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answered May 14, 2017 by suparngupta (390 points)
This is about 40% of the reason why I use Ableton to compose my drum tracks. This one feature is so useful because I no longer need to search where my Cymbal 8 Muted is. Scan through the used notes and Bamm! Please implement this.

In Ableton Live, the fold feature folds the piano roll to one those notes which have names. However, Studio One can make it even better by showing only the notes which are being used by the current MIDI track. So Level 1 => Show only the names pitches. Level 2 => Show only those which are used by the track.

In other DAWs like FL studio, there is a scale option which shows only those notes which are in the selected Key. This may be tricky to implement because then you would have to account for all possible Scales and modes for each key.
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answered Dec 11, 2017 by grimeyneedle (3,050 points)
This feature plus the scale lock would be better than ableton.