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Antares Autotune Pro ist not showing in SO4 but in SO3. Same folders and settings

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asked Sep 13 in Studio One 4 by tommoell (130 points)
Hi there,

SO4 Professional, Windows 10, 64bit, 24 GB RAM, Steinberg MK2 Interface.
(Everything is uptodate)

I bought Autotune Pro last week and try to install it. Autotune is not shown in SO4. Only Autokey is there.

I check the path: .......comon files/VST3  and it´s there. auto-tune.vst3. Try Blacklist, delete the path and on and on.

I also intall Antares AVOX and every plugin is shown on SO4. And their in the same folder like Auto-tune.vst3

After many experimene with Intallation/deinstallion/update Ilok, SO4 and all Antares Programms as well as contact the Antares Support.....I decided to install SO3 and suddenly its there.

So what ist wrong with autotune.vst3 and SO4? I took the same settings like in SO3 but Autotune ist not in Effects.

Can anybody help me?

Greetings from germany.


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answered Sep 17 by valencia4127 (240 points)
I have the same problem. That is why I stuck with SO3 for the time being.. Tried to work with support but never got it figured out..