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To be able to save pack folders like fx chain or preset to use in song

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asked Sep 25, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by jstone01 (450 points)
like a template but faster if you could add or delete packed folders and the bus routing and fx  in song

drums 8 tracks in folder

 favorite vsts in folder

 vox folder and so on .

to add and delete as needed

OR  To Be Able To Copy Folders and Paste in new songs


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answered Nov 4, 2018 by Lee Kenn (260 points)
+1 this for sure! This is one of the only things I really miss from Logic. The ability to save a folder of your favourite Kontakt instruments or synth pad presets, for example example, and then load them up in any project, even if you're halfway through... just SO helpful!