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Studiolive III - When will the 44.1khz an the DAW (HUI/MCU) support come?

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asked Nov 20, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by torstenkossmann (220 points)

I like to buy a Studiolive III 32  - But I NEED  44.1khz support and Multi DAW control (HUI/MCU)!

Can you promise a realase of that long long anounced features within this year or not?  

If yes, I will buy one of your consoles, if not, than i have to decide for an other product - unfortunately....:-(   

Thank you for reply!

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answered Mar 1 by jonnydoyle (220,320 points)
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This is now a feature of firmware v1.10
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answered Nov 21, 2018 by jonnydoyle (220,320 points)
Both of these requests are currently in private Beta, there is no time frame to give you for their release.
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answered Nov 27, 2018 by ctyelvis (180 points)
I just ordered the StudioLive series III 32 channel mixer. It will be delivered tomorrow (Nov 28, 2018), and I am just becoming aware that it does not work fully with HUI and MCU. I bought it for my home studio.

Now I need to consider just sending it right back to the store because of this...

Man, its been about 2 years since this has been out. I really hate "vapor-ware". I went through this kind of thing with Ensoniq's PARIS about 20 years ago, and a high end Mackie interface with Traction about 10 years ago. They never did get the promised functionality sorted out. So I'm a little paranoid because of the cash I just laid out for this thing.

I think Presonus makes some great gear, but I think you should have all your retailers mention in their advertisments for these boards they will not currently fully work with Pro Tools or Logic.

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answered Nov 30, 2018 by stephenbrodigan (210 points)
Ok, this is so important.  I love my Studio Live Series III 16 - and DAW mode (when the transport works, is amazing), but like most people I switch between Studio One, Ableton and Pro Tools - we need the support below - to make our mixers complete - please, please, please




DAW Mode for Pro Tools

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answered Feb 28 by SwampFOX (350 points)
The lack of 44.1KHz  support is a major inconvenience in a 'studio' setting. I would not have purchased my Series III had i realized it didn't have native support for the most common audio format on the planet.
commented Mar 1 by jonnydoyle (220,320 points)
Firmware v1.10 has 44.1hHz support, update your mixer.
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answered Mar 2 by SwampFOX (350 points)
Thank you. As a note, unless I missed something, you need to change the sampling rate on the console; you can't do it from Universal Control.