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How to set parallel compression?

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asked Nov 26 in StudioLive Series III by joecervenak (160 points)
whats a forum good for if no one responds to answers? anyone,Presonus?

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answered Nov 26 by ryanm1 (2,780 points)
This is not a forum, the forum is here:

Also, this seems like a more general mixing question, not about a Presonus product.
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answered Nov 27 by joecervenak (160 points)
I'm sorry, you've just proved it is. So, all you first graders, let's give it one more try: since we are in category StudioLive III, how do we set up parallel compression of existing  channel on StudioLive 32 Console Mixer manufactured by Presonus. FYI question like that posted by other user already hangs unanswered for months on  Presonus Ask a Question page. Please stay away from smartassing ryanm1, not helpful to anybody besides you. Cheers.
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answered Nov 30 by jonnydoyle (96,590 points)
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As pointed out, this is not a forum. Please refrain from speaking to other users in this manner. This will not be tolerated.

Its currently not possible as there is no dry/wet option on the mixer. However if you want to double up the channel input and have one processed dry and one processed wet this would be the current work around.

You could make this a feature request if you wish.