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FR: Possible to add “Video follows edit” similar to Cubase or Nuendo?

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asked Dec 29, 2018 in Editing by nk_e (1,020 points)

As much as I enjoy working with Studio One (and I really do), it’s things like this that give Cubase an edge in film scoring.

Here is an explanation...

Video Follows Edit 

This ability will allow you to edit audio while getting continuous visual feedback on the video display because the project cursor and video automatically follow each edit you make. You see where in the video your edit is taking place. 

The video display gives you visual feedback during the following actions:

  • Selecting ranges

  • Editing audio

  • Moving audio events

  • Nudging audio events or range selections

  • Resizing audio events or range selections

  • Using the Bend tool

  • Adjusting audio fade handles

By adjusting the audio anchor point, you can align to an audio position that is situated within the event

Is there a 

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