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Why does my condenser mic not sound good anymore?! HELP!

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asked Dec 31, 2018 in Computer Based Recording & Production by olicosmic (140 points)
edited Dec 31, 2018 by olicosmic

I literally had the AudioBox USB 96 for only a day or 2, and the first day, it sounded great. The second day, everything's all windy and a lot more quieter. It just doesn't pick up any sound whatsoever beyond like a centimeter away from the mic, which makes it really hard to not sound blary. My voice recordings are also much worse in quality. I have to turn the knob all the way up for me to sound at least somewhat decent. And yes. I have the 48V switch on the whole time. The funny thing is that every time I turn off the 48V, there is always a little moment where the mic sounds as great as before, but it dissipates to nothingness in like, 30 seconds. When I turn it back on, it's back to windy noises and quiet voices. I don't know if this means that my computer is giving off too much power, or what. I also have the Presonus side of the mic pointing towards me, so I just have no idea why the sound got heavily downgraded. I've tried everything, but it all ends up sounding way worse than it used too. Is there anything I am missing? I downloaded the drivers while having it plugged in to the USB port I plan on using for it only, and even then, the mic doesn't sound that good anymore. Please, somebody help me! I've been dreaming of making music for years, and for it to be sucked away from me like that with quality just barely better than an iPhone mic really hurts. Any help would be great, thank you so much.

PC - AIO 520-24AST All-in-One (ideacentre) - Type F0D3

Operating System - Windows 10 Home

Application Version - Studio One 4 (I'm not 100% sure what it means by "Application Version")

Audio Interface and it's Driver/Firmware - AudioBox USB 96, Condenser Mic M7 (1.12)

Digital Mixer - (I think Studio One 4. I'm not sure)

Setup - I remember leaving the 48V on all night on accident beforehand and thinking that was the cause, but after returning it for repairs, the store I got it from said it worked fine and gave it back to me. And it did for a few hours after I got it back, but now it doesn't sound that good anymore once again. I honestly don't know if it's hardware or software based at this point, but i'm hoping it can be fixed.

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answered Jan 13 by christhomas15 (2,120 points)
Make sure in your windows sound setting your audiobox is selected as the primary device. I would recommend using a powered USB hub  of decent quality with that interface. Also reinstall your USB driver and firmware if that doesn't help try aiso4all
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answered Mar 27 by celinacruz (180 points)

I think it's a software based problem. try to check all the settings on your softwares or reinstall them.