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Grouping options

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asked Jan 4, 2019 in Editing by alexkyrlis (990 points)
There are grouping features missing. DAWs like Protools & Logic have several grouping options.

1. Each group should be possible to be edited. For example, I want to remove a channel from a group, or add more channels to an existing group.

2. Grouping attributes, for example I want to exclude Edit from a group. Or make a group only for edit, and not mix. Or select if the group will work for solo, mute, automation mode, input monitoring, record enable etc.

3. Temporarily disabling a group. If a group is assigned with an ID1, keyboard shortcut would be nice

4. Having grouped plugin options. For example a specific setting on Insert1 will be changed in all channels if they contain the same plugin on Insert 1.

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