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what is the best workflow for external midi devices (expanders, FX, Controllers)

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asked Jan 11, 2019 in Studio One 4 by reinaldkirchner (240 points)

I'm wondering, how you folks handle your midi-gear in S1. I am using some midi-expanders and synth, and by now I just set it up manually for a song, what starts to be cumbersome and error-prone. I think there probably is a smarter way, to make the DAW send some program change at the beginning of a song, to make sure you have the right sounds loaded in the expanders, the right programs in the FX, and maybe configurations in your midi-controllers.

How are you handling this? Is there any plugin that can handle this (like: store the current config of all connected midi devices and replay it on song start), or is it just two bars in the beginning of a song with manual program and bank changes put in?
thank you

Setup: S1 pro Rel 4.x (latest), Motu Timepiece USB Midi Interface, AH Zed R16 FW Interface

Synth: Roland XV3080, EMU Proteus, Bunch of Mutablie isntruments Shruthi, Roland JX305

Controllers: Studiologic SL88 grand, ********* BCR2000, Akai MPK mini  MK2, Alesis QX49

FX: Lexicon MX400, TC D Two

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