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Browser navigation: RIGHT ARROW key should trigger browser playback

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asked Jan 26 in Look and Feel by tomasmccann (550 points)
It's pretty conventional (ableton, FL, splice, reaper, bitwig, and probably others) that the RIGHT arrow key triggers sample playback REGARDLESS of position or play state.

You're probably familiar with previewing kicks and snares repeatedly like a machine gun to carefully assess their qualities.

Right now, the right arrow key in the browser does exactly the same as the down key. It moves the selection down a line.

Totally wasted functionality.

ACTUAL BEHAVIOUR = moves the selection down
DESIRED BEHAVIOUR = previews the selected sample from the start exactly like a drum pad would, just like in every other daw.

VOTE UP if you want this added!!!!

Please, this is a deal breaker for me. Thank you guys.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 12 by simongaudes (140 points)
totally agree ... just like in ableton ... please