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asked Mar 11 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Contrust (2,910 points)
edited Sep 11 by Contrust
Hello S1 community and developers,

I want to request a really handy feature: please program Studio One to auto detect midi devices.

Let me explain this by an easy example: you start a new project, but forgot to turn on your midi keyboard, you have to go into the menu Studio One/Option/Extermal Devices and and to press on "connect again" so S1 will be connected with the midi keyboard again ...

This is really annoying and DAWs like Reason of FL Studio show us, how it could work instead. You start a new project turn on you midi keyboard and your DAW automatically recognize it and connects with it. BOOM Fast and easy!

Please vote for this guys, so the developers can see it. I think it will help us all.

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